Securing ReAL ESTATE Investment Funding can be a difficult and stressful process

At Lakeshore Holdings we work to make sure that securing a loan or funding needed is as easy, and hassle-free as possible. We offer everything you need, including:

Short Term


Loan Sponsorship for Real Estate Investors Nationwide


Fast Approval Process and Funds Dispersement

We specialize in providing funding for deal structures that Private or Hard money lenders do not typically lend on. Our funding programs can be used for:

Single Family Homes


Short Term Rental

Commercial Properties

Our Funding Services Offered

At Lakeshore Holdings we pride ourselves in helping Investors to close more transactions with the help of our available resources. Our funding services include:

Earnest Money Loans

We can fund the Earnest Money Deposit for Wholesale transactions. This can be for purchases of Single-Family Homes, Single Family Home Portfolios, Multifamily Properties, and Commercial Deals.

Transactional Funding

We provide funds to Double Close for 1-3 days and possibly for longer periods if required.

Loan Sponsorship

We have the financial qualifications to Sponsor your Multifamily loans. We qualify for your loan using our Credit, Experience, and Liquidity. We can do this for Syndication deals as well as Sole Owners. We can also be an equity partner in a Syndication along with being the sponsor. We also sponsor Short Term Rental Properties.

Down Payment Funding

We can provide the down payment funds to close a deal if there is enough equity to finance back out of the deal after closing or if the seller is willing to do a seller carry back to cover the down payment.

BRRR Method Funding

We can fund the down payments, and sometimes additional rehab costs on BRRR Method Strategy Purchases.

Airbnb Rental Arbitrage

We can fund Entry Fees for short term rentals. We can help fund Security Deposits, Light Renovations, Furniture, or other upfront costs to get a property ready for Short Term Rental Status.
Our Fees charged are based on several qualifying factors. The time frame of money being borrowed, borrowers’ level of experience, specific deal risk, and deal profit, all come into play when determining our fee. Please reach out to us to discuss further with more details for your individual deal.

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